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The Therapeutic Benefits of Music

As a Music Therapist, I have had the pleasure to experience the positive effects that music has on the elderly. 

Favorite music/ songs associated with significant personal events can trigger memories of lyrics and the experience connected to the music. Music can often calm someone who is agitated and anxious. Brain activity while listening to music changes and stimulates areas responsible for motor activity, emotions and creativity. It enables the listener to focus on the present moment and regain a connection to others.

Click on this link and witness the profound effects of music on the elderly.

Founder of Elder Group Games
Diane M. Lombardo

About Us

Elder Group Games mission is to provide fun therapeutic programs for the elderly population. Activities that can include the range of well and cognitively impaired elderly. Programs that are not too difficult to facilitate, nor are too costly or time consuming to plan, but yet engaging and therapeutic for individuals of different abilities. I hope these products help!

Keep making a difference in your client’s lives! –Diane

Diane M. Lombardo is a Registered Music Therapist working in Adult Day Care Settings for the last 25 years.