Therapeutic Activities For The Older Population

Customer reviews

Customer reviews


Music Bingo Jukebox Edition

“My nursing home  residents love this game. I give prizes when they get a bingo. I play to  the end of cd to make sure everyone wins a prize. The music is  absolutely wonderful and most residents know all of the songs. I loved  the game so much I bought all three versions of the game. This game  works great for some of my younger senior citizens.”
-Mark (Nursing Home Activities)
“I volunteer at a Senior Community once a week. I played  Music Bingo II and Jukebox Edition with a group of members. They LOVED  it. They were very engaged and enjoyed singing along with the music.  Very upbeat.”
-Tracy (volunteer)

"I ordered Music Bingo 2 and have been taking it into senior  centers and assisted living facilities. Everyone LOVES it. If I have a  small group of higher functioning seniors, it moves a little slow. But  with a larger group, we usually have enough conversation and laughter to  keep things moving along."
-Activities Specialist
"I love your product and it has brought enjoyment and delight  to many senior adults. Quite a few facilities have invited me back, so I  wanted to have at least 2 different sets to give them a variety."
-Debra D.
We loved our Juke Box Bingo so much, we would like to get the other Game! The Residents had an absolute blast. Great job on the game! - Linda S.


Music Bingo I


"This is the second set! The seniors wore the first ones out!"
 "Item as described with quality Music. Able to speak with author in great detail. Love item!" 

"I love these bingos because they are universally accessible for elders of  all abilities. Higher functioning folks can play the game the  traditional way, and lower functioning folks can sing along and enjoy  the music." 



Music Bingo II


“Music Bingo one and two are very well done. Two is even  better than one(more singing.... selection of songs)! Music Bingo is a  wonderful alternative that creates better moods and interpersonal  feelings.”-Arnie

 "I  volunteer at a Senior Community once a week.  I purchased Music Bingo  II and Jukebox Edition and played them this week with a group of  members.  They LOVED it.  They were very engaged and enjoyed singing  along with the music. Very upbeat.  Highly recommend if you work with seniors." 

-Tracy N.

 "We had such a fun time !  Everyone wants to do it again!" 


 "Residents love this!" 



“My residents absolutely LOVE this bingo! It's engaging,  failure free and has therapeutic value. I filled in for an activity  group and found this bingo. It's more engaging and exciting than  traditional." -Michelle (Activities Assistant)