Elder Group Games
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      Hello, my name is Diane Lombardo.  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy and have been working with the elderly for over 20 years.  I specialize in working with the elderly with disabilities, especially Alzheimer's and it has brought me great joy spending time with so many wonderful people.

     Providing fun therapeutic activities programs for the elderly population residing in Health Care facilities can often be a challenge.

     As activity personnel, our pursuit involves juggling the many facets of our position; such as, lack of activity staff to assist with programming, diverse group settings and functioning levels, insufficient time for planning and preparation of programs.

     Over the last 20 plus years in my capacity as a music therapist working with the elderly also involved creating an enriching catalog of therapeutic programs.  My passion became to create my own games and resources that would accommodate large and small groups.  Resources that were not difficult to lead, too costly or time consuming to plan, but yet engaging and therapeutic for the elderly.

     It was this concept in which these games were developed for you...the activities director, activity therapist, program assistants, volunteers or anyone in charge of facilitating group activities for the elderly.

     Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoy your time getting acquainted with Music Bingo 1, Music Bingo 2 and Lucky Letters.


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